For the month of March, CROCHETNSTUFF has created two very special products!  If you purchase the Care Beanie or the Care Ear Warmer 50% of each sale will be donated to shipping a D.A.S.H. kit. 

Care BeanieCare Ear Warmer

What is a D.A.S.H. Kit?

The D.A.S.H. (Dignity, Aid, Safety and Hygiene) kit is a care package that provides personal items such as menstrual products, new underwear, bras, toiletry items and a mask.  

I Support the Girls  currently provides D.A.S.H. kits for women and folx who have fled an abusive situation.  The main goal of the program is to provide those who have experienced domestic violence or intimate partner violence with menstrual hygiene and personal products. 


I Support the Girls Dash Kits


Why a D.A.S.H. Kit?

CROCHETNSTUFF luvs creating beautiful items; and we also believe in helping others.  Can you imagine fleeing an abusive situation? You may not have time to take everything with you.  How do you replenish the personal items you left behind?

While the actual contents of the kits are available, there is the ongoing cost of shipping the kits across the country.  Corliss works closely with I Support the Girls and views the D.A.S.H. kit  program as a wonderful opportunity to participate in an important effort.


IMPORTANT - How will your purchase help?

CROCHETNSTUFF will show we care by donating 50% of the Care Beanie and Ear Warmer sales during the month of March to the shipping fees for D.A.S.H. kits.  The proceeds will go directly to I Support the Girls. 

Enjoy wearing your beanie or ear warmer, gift it to a friend or give to someone in need.  Whatever your choice, know that you have contributed to the effort of getting these essential items into the hands of those that need them!


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Help CROCHETNSTUFF show that we truly care! Thank you - Corliss